2016 - Well, THAT was Fun!

3M Half
March, 2016
Rosedale Ride
June, 2016
Pflugerville Tri - but not as a participant
July, 2016
Vineman 70.3
August, 2016
Full Eurekan
September, 2016
Ironman Chattanooga - not so much

My 2016 Journey

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Race participation for me in 2016 was somewhat limited. This was a result of having a torn meniscus repaired in December 2015. Training was severly impacted, so I pretty much restricted race events to those for which I had already written the check. On the flip side, I was able to spend quite a bit of time on the motorcycle with my favorite triathlon referee. More on that later.

So, the first of the events for which I had registered: Vineman 70.3, in July, which was one of the last of the great independently-owned races, before WTC (Ironman) bought them out. The swim is in the Russian River - more like a wide creek at this particular point - in Guerneville; the bike is through some of the most beautiful vineyards anywhere; and the run is through the little town of Windsor, north of Santa Rosa, and also passes through a vineyard, literally.

Next up on the calendar - The Full Eurekan

The Eureka Springs Multisport Festival is a three-day multisport festival consisting of a sprint-distance triathlon on Friday afternoon, road bike rides (Gran Fondos) on Saturday morning and running races on Sunday. Participants can enter individual events or take "The Eurekan" challenge. The Eurekan is the triathlon, 100 mile ride and 10K run - LOADS of fun! (yes, just a little sarcasm here...) Honestly, though, this takes place in a beautiful part of the country, although the weather was not the best this time around. The sprint tri Friday was got very hot very quickly...and lasted up until the rain started. The run portion is through a very hilly part of the golf course in this resort home "neighborhood." As I was finishing up a lot of walking (the knee was not ready for the hills) I kept watching the lightning pop around us. There were still a number of folks behind me, and they got caught in the rain on the course. Saturday's ride started on wet roads, and that lasted for about the first 25 miles, after which it again became very hot...and very steamy...for about 2 hours. Then we were just back into the heat. Sunday's 10K wasn't about to be left out of the weather fun...raining in the start, dripping through the trees, and a wet finish complicated by some very steep and somewhat slippery hills in the middle of town. I had no intention of further complicating the knee, so I walked up the hills and slid or trotted down the back side. I think I was the last person to finish the run, but I enjoyed talking to and supporting a number of athletes through the three days.

Part three - Ironman Chattanooga

I knew going into this race that I would probably not finish - I really didn't expect to even do the run. The water was above wetsuit-legal temperature so if you chose to wear a wetsuit, you started in the last group. I figured what the heck, and ended up doing my first non-wetsuit Ironman distance swim! Probably not the best of ideas, but oh, well. The ride wasn't any better, since the knee started barking back at me starting around mile 50. The course is set up in a lollipop shape; once you get out of town, you ride two loops and then come back down into town on the "lollipop stick." I had just about finished the first loop when the knee started to really tighten up. At that point, I decided to pull the plug on the race...but it was still another 20-plus miles back to transition! So I settled in for a smoother, slower trip back in. Once in transition, I handed off my bike to a volunteer and told the race staff to pull my chip. After I sat with some Team RWB peeps for a bit, I walked over to the medical tent and grabbed a couple of ice bags, and headed over to the athlete's food tent to grab a bite and let the ice work its magic on the knee. While disappointed in getting a DNF, the more I thought about it, the more it felt the right thing to do. Racing is fun, but I am not the type of person to risk my health for sake of a finish... I have already finished two Ironman races so not finishing this one really doesn't change anything for me.

I have pretty well decided that 2017 is my rebuild-the-body year. I want to get the knee back to the point where I can run comfortably. In addition to rebuilding myself, our race management company is growing, with the support of USA Triathlon, USA Track & Field, our athletes and volunteers.

Speaking of our race company, we are super excited about 2017! This will be our second year operating the Lake Pflugerville Tri, and we had a lot of positive feedback going into the 11th year of this race. Our Thanksgiving Pfun Run is scheduled for the fourth year, and we will be working with the Pflugerville Parks officce to put together the next youth tri camp. USAT approved us for not one, but THREE of their Splash and Dash series races for youth, and a local fitness organization is asking to partner with us on some youth races, so the three may turn into five or six!
We will be working through December to get our schedule all laid out, so we can promote the races to the local tri clubs. Keep an eye out for that on our website, People-PoweredSports.com.

Finally, for another year, I will be on the motorcycle for a number of Ironman races, hauling my favorite head referee around the bike course, and of course, soaking up as much knowledge as I can. I have threatened him with the possibility of hauling him around the Kona course in October as well. We'll see...depends on my work schedule, etc.

I want to thank you now as always, for whatever your level of support.

Whether or not you support Do It Like It Means Something, please just think about supporting whatever cause you choose, to promote healthy living, to inspire others to do so... just DO SOMETHING!

So - Here we go, baby! Come on along on this journey!

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